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If anybody's still interested it this topic.. I worked in downtown DC until just a little while ago. Forget tripods & 4x5s - Tourists, though, with "touristy" (ie - amateur, or P&S) type equipment can pretty much shoot what they like. Just look & act like you're from Podunk - or Osaka - & you'll have no hassles in any DC Metro station.

I actually shoot all over the Mall area with a Toyo AII 4x5 camera and sometimes an 8x10 Kodak Masterview camera. In addition, this is usually done at late hours. Of course, I get curious and even odd looks from time to time. Most people don't bother me. What I do know is that you cannot use a tripod inside any of the memorials because they don't want you to damage the marble floors. At one point last summer a park office did come up to me and ask if I was a pro. I am... but my paid work is portraiture and commercial. So I said I was a hobbyist which was essentially true. I have to admit I was a little pissed that I, as citizen that pays taxes that upkeep these places, was made to feel that I had no right to be there. This led me to look on the National Park Service website to see what the law says and it does not say that you cannot photograph or that you need permits. I don't know what the deal really is but I suspect that there is alot of paranoia out there. Think about it. Would a terrorist set up a 10-20 lb camera on a tripod to take pictures of structural details or police routes? Hmm come on now.