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In philosophy there is the principle of Occam's (sp?) razor that says the simplest theory that works is the best. Shave it down and let it grow if necessary.
Ah yes! William of Occam. I have recommend the use of his razor to a lot of people over the years. Most stare blankly at me and say - What?

It's probably because I have a beard... Started growing it in 1969 - it was black then (white now).

My understanding is that addition of a bit of citric acid to the working developer was the empirical result of a lot of experimentation by Michael Smith - confirmed by others.

Amidol is known to work well as a developer in a slightly acid pH environment.

There is an indication that Pat Dignan favored Ascorbic acid over Citric with amidol. I haven't been able to verify this yet and I have most of the Dignan notes.