I spend an inordinate amount of time perambulating around archive.org and have discovered many fascinating things. There are many school films, and some of my favourites come from the Your Life's Work series. Here is Photography, circa 1946

Another interesting one, at least from a sociological perspective, is The Girl on the Magazine Cover, from 1940. Be warned, the narrator's language reflects the attitudes of the time. These days, it sounds like a skit from Saturday Night Live. It would be interesting to send someone out to talk like this, with a hidden camera.

For those interested in movies and/or photographic chemistry, the American Chemical Society's film The Alchemist in Hollywood Part 1 and Part 2 shows how motion picture film was processed in the 40s. Extremely interesting, but quite dry at times.

There are many, many more films and books on this site, with many areas of interest. Oh yes, and while this is unrelated to photography, it is just too good to miss. Presenting the infamous (at least on this continent) Duck and Cover, of 1951 vintage. Enjoy!

- Justin