I think he might say that 'to be back into it' would be too definite. He came across to me as full of questions (he said was asking himself whilst he was there why he was going back to doing such work) and particularly ambiguous about the ultimate good his (and other war photography) can do. For example, saying that we (the public) don't see war and famine images any more as we used to, they've been replaced by celebrity pics - but also saying that's a good thing because they are not pleasant to see...He seems wary of the idea that photography can ever ultimately change anything. I think (think) he would say that his compulsion to be involved is more to do with a darker side of his own nature, which is also expressed in his landscapes. Although I would describe him as entirely empathetic and compassionate in his relationships with the people he comes across and photographs, none of whom he forgets. As he says, he lives in his house with all their ghosts and personal stories, set in his negatives.