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Ireland is completely different to the UK in this area.
I have heard and read reports of the National Trust in UK being really difficult, I it experienced once at a demense outside Manchester. I was visiting with my family and had gone there for a walk, as usual I had a camera slung over my shoulder. As we approach the stately home I was about to take a shot of my wife and daugther only to be approached by a "jobs worth" telling me I could not take photographs of the building without written permission. I explained is was a simple family snapshot but he wasn't interested. Not exactly the way to encourage tourists!

I agree in Ireland things are much more sensible, especially if taking the shot from a public road. Some sites (as Síle mentioned) like Kilkenny castle have a clear not indoor photograph policy, which is understandable. There are, as far as I know, some restrictions in relation to taking photographs of a private property, it normally means you would need to get a release from the person living in the house. I came across that some years ago, my wife is from Cork and I thought it might be nice to get her a framed print of the house she grew up in. As I was very busy in my day job I contacted a photographer in Cork to commission him to get the shot, however he refused without a signed release and would not even try get the release for me.