Sounds like a good plan to me.

Increase membership of the group: I try to spread the word as best I can.

Workshops: Most definitely interested in these.

Print meetups & Photo shoots: As we are spread around the country, it may be best to do Print Meetups on the same day as Photo Shoots, i.e., when we meet for our day out at Clonmacnoise, we could bring some of our work to show each other in a pub or cafe that afternoon. Then for our next day out we could bring some prints from the Clonmacnoise trip to look at, and so on...

Exhibition: This would interest me.

Self Published book: Will need a lot of members contributing to this but good idea.

Twin with a group in another region for exchanges: Good idea but there are many exchanges already on apug which are very good. I have done the blind exchange a few times and don't mind doing more.

It would be good if different members could take on the responsibility of looking after each of the above. Fintan is doing a great job of organising workshops and I don't mind looking after the day outs. Any one else like to volunteer?