My wife and I decided to run away for the day and figured a return to Raven Cliff was in order. Trip out was fine, we had everything under control. First breakfast. We hit the drive through at the Mrs Winners to get a biscuit to go and sat ignored at the speaker. No problem- they don't want my business I don't need them. Dunkin Donuts took care of us with some fine toasted bagels with sausage and egg. Finally made it to the parking area for the trailhead and find the bathrooms had been closed. No good! What are we paying the government for if not things like keeping the bathrooms open on state lands? We jogged back to nearby Duke Creek Falls and find that park closed altogether for construction. Argh! So we had to backtrack and go into Helen to find a bathroom. We got to a Wendys restaurant about noon where the line at the register was backed up to the door. We traded spots in line to hit the can and got a small lunch to go. Find they didn't give us the right sandwich, our advantage- this thing was twice the size of what we ordered.
We finally got back to the trailhead and got on with the hike. We took a nice slow pace and shot a few here and there. Finally got to the area I wanted and set up my shot. Grafmatic in, took one frame, advanced, another shot with back rotated, this time the grafmatic jams tight and refuses to shut. In my efforts to close it and getting more pissed I manage to crush the septum, break the handle on the darkslide and ruin the film. Much cussing and anguish! Grrr. At least I have a few more holders loaded so I set up another and took a few more frames. Even got a few more on the way out in another area. At least the trip was not a total waste.
Sure is annoying when someone or something just won't do the job they were there for and screws up your plans and expectations. Being flexible is the only sure way to stay sane.