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I believe the lift I have is the old style (not like the one in the manual on the jobo site) Do I need a special type of screws to hold it to the motor base (I believe plastic ones are mentioned somewhere online) or can I just use standard stainless ones? Is there anythign special about them? Can someone post a photo of what it is supposed to look like?
Not quite sure what the problem is ... I have used both the "old" lifts (white plasitic,vertical tank "clips") and "new" lifts (stainless steel wire horizontal tank "clips"); and both are covered rather thoroughly in their web site information.

There are two Rotator Motor shaft configurations ... a straight shaft with a slotted screw (old) and a tapered shaft with internal hex head screw (new). The drive cog is also different and must match.

I would suggest that you contact JOBO Customer Service ... they are good to talk and write to .... and they can supply any parts you need.