Hi everyone,

My name is Tony, I'm from Totnes in Devon, UK and this site was recommended to me by another member.

First my confessions, I'm a refugee from another photo site as I got fed up of the bitching over there and sometimes I do use digital, but only when I'm paid to do so.

Black and White film is my true love (and mistress so my wife tells me). I prefer "traditional" films such as Ilford FP4+; HP5+ and Delta 3200, developing myself using DDX and wet printing. There are occasions such as very harsh lighting conditions when I do use Ilford XP2. Depending on the picture I will either flatbed scan the wet printed picture or film scan the negatives.

I guess that's enough waffle about me for now, other than to say looking around there's a lot of beautiful art here and I think I'm going to feel quite at home.

Kind regards Tony