Thank you very much for the responses. All filled in a gap for me.

Les, thanks for the enlightenment, this explains a great deal. Somehow I missed that labelling and made an assumption. I do normally vary my contrast filtering considerably, depending upon the neg and the look I'm after (quite right Leon). But I guess my tastes are often towards the higher contrast image. I think the image I chose to print on the Classic was not the correct choice, and my methods could stand to be adjusted to get the right result on this paper!

noiseoil I haven't tried the Stouffer step wedge, but sounds pretty interesting. Is it a filter of some kind? The neg I chose to print has a fairly high proportion of highlight as can be seen here , the rock and foreground of which I did print at grade 4 1/2 to give the effect I wanted (actually too dense in this representation, but you might get the idea).

But as I mentioned, found it difficult to replicate on the Kentmere Classic.