More importantly than who released the shutter is whether we should make the effort to look at his photograph.

There are Broadway shows that have enormous stage crafting and lighting, but in the end if the content of the image doesn't reach an emotional level for the audience to enjoy, the show does dark.

There are some images of Mr. Wall's that are eye catching, but I question if they have staying power. I've read the 'intellectual' writings offered by museums about his images, and they strike me as justifications about why they spent so much money. Too many references to 'grand themes and historic connections' than to the core value of what we are seeing in his work.

I can make bold statements that my photography is a continuation of XYZ photographer or painter, but unless my images have the staying power of the past masters, all my pronouncements are just PR spin.

Personally, I'm interested in his stage craft, but so far underwhelmed by Mr. Wall's ability to hold me to his images. I simply turn the page or more on to the next image on the museum wall.