1st development: Tetenal Eukobrom 1+5 (42ml) for 11 minutes at 20C
Alessandro, I realized that I incorrectly read your recipe. I assumed that the 42ml. of developer was working strength but it is really syrup from the bottle? If the 42ml. is syrup then the total volume of 250 ml. of developer (with hypo added) is a 1+5 dilution. In this way, the developer is the same strength as the Ilford recipe.
However, I am still confused as to the hypo ammount. A 2% hypo solution would be 2g/litre and so 250 ml. would have .5 g? I'm not sure how you get 2.5 g/250 ml.?
The Ilford recipe calls for 3g/250 ml.