Today, Sam Campanero one of the Kodak Colorama photographers asked me to make a post for him.

He has approximately 100 colorama posters, 16" x 36" that he is willing to sell as numbered autographed personalized editions. This particular poster is the famous baby Colorama with the group of babies.

If there is sufficient response, he might be able to make other Colorama images available. He has been given Kodak's permission for the sale of this particular image for the present.

He has tentatively set the price at $100 plus postage and handling.

Your responses would be appreciated. Based on response in this thread, Sam will either go ahead, or not. If the response is great enough he will attempt to make other Colorama images available.

For those interested, Sam was featured in a recent PBS special on the Colorama photography in which he and others discussed the ULF cameras used in this work.