I got a stack of old photography magazines last year, one of which was the product guide for 1979-1980. I looked up the section on film, expecting to find pages of dearly departed emulsions, as our choice dwindles from the good ol' days. In fact, it seems to me we have even more choice of film today...

35mm emulsions:
Agfa: 12 products
Fuji: 4 products
Kodak: 12 products
Ilford: 3 products

120 emulsions:
Agfa: 9 products
Fuji: no products? Apparently.
Kodak: 8 products
Ilford: 2 products

Even with Agfa dearly departed, we've still got more choice than we did 20 years ago, when analogue unquestionably ruled the world. Even if there are a few ideas left "on the shelf". It was a bit odd for me to find at the time, so I thought I'd share.