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Kentmere products have a good presence in the US.

They were also sold here under other than their brand name. Luminos comes to mind.

Luminos used to be Kentmere's importer. I believe they were based in CA, USA and went belly-up around 2004 at which time they licensed the "Luminos" trademark to a German art paper company. My memory's sort of sketchy...

They used to carry Luminos at my local CalumetPhoto. I never tried it in those days because it was obvious the inventory had been sitting for some time...

I don't believe that Kentmere "offically" sold its papers under its own brand name until early 2005. They do have a USA web site.


Apparently, they opened a new coating line in 2004 with the aim of achieving greater efficiency and superior operating economics.

Nice to have that luxury in this day and age...I hope this is money well spent because I'm taking a liking to the VC FinePrint FB.

Anyhow, it can be found at both Freestyle (also under the "Arista" label) and B&H Photo. So it may not be "The Best-Kept Secret in Black and White" any more...