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Bob Herbst article at Unblinking Eye describes a traditional method for enlarged negatives. It seems simpler than some of the digi-neg methods (especially if you include all the post-scan photoshop work) & alot cheaper if you have an enlarger. I've used imagesetter negs for contact prints on Azo, but disliked the loss of process control & will be trying Herbst method soon. If you're looking to sell prints, a traditional 8X10 contact print should be a good, price-leader for enlarged prints.
I am jsut getting into making some inter-positives using Ilford Ortho Plus developed in D-76. One thing that Bob mentioins in his article and that I'm finding out, is that the inter-positive needs to be of low-contrast. And I mean really low contrast. I have produced some interpositives that push Grade 2 Azo to the limit in terms of density range. And to the eye, the interpositives don't look contrasty at all. If there were prints, I'd want to add a LOT more contrast to them. I'll be back in the darkroom tonight making interpositives of much lower contrast. With the ones I have now, when I read the densities on my densitometer I get a range of about 1.00 (as I recall) and that appears to be way too much.