Fred and Carl,

Thanks for the kind words. Both of your prints were incredible as well and a favorite of the whole household. Fred, I am sorry yours took so long as it was shipped the same day as Carl's. I would have thought it would have made it to you first, alas the postal system here in the states continues to be mystery. Look forward to the next round as this one was so enjoyable.

Fred, as to the registration of the negative much of it depends on the paper chosen to do gum overs on. Cot 320 is a killer for just the reasons you mentioned in terms of shrinkage, expansion etc. Fabriano Artistico (sp) and Rives BFK are two that do a much better job of not changing as much for the process. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge as well that both of those prints were done under the watchful and much guided eye of our own Kerik Kouklis as I took my weekend gum over glass with him. I was using old negatives and he was a wonderful teacher. You got the good stuff!!!! I have a long way to go to say the least. I am glad you both enjoyed them though.

All my best,