The Super is a great way to get into LF. Front movements are ample with 15deg+/- tilt, 15deg additional with drop bed, 1/2 inch of left and right shift, and more swing than you can use.

As for a lens in that price range you will have to go used. In the normal range you can get a 162mm Raptar for under $150, and it will provide enough coverage to use most of the movements on the Super. You may find a 135mm WF Ektar for that price but as others mentioned watch the quality. If you want to go wide a 90mm Angulon, or 90mm Raptar (90mm in 4x5 = about 28mm in 35mm) will cover at f22-32, but will only do minimal tilts, and almost no rise to speak of. My 90mm Raptar darkens corners with just 1/4 inch of rise, and after about 6 or 7deg of tilt the corners start to go.

For the prints that I have had made, (largest 20x24) the 162mm Raptar, and the 90mm Raptar do fine. YMMV