The Ilford US distributor went belly up last year. Ilford/Harmon quickly lined up Wynit to distribute its products and kept the supply lines filled. Unfortunately, Ilford Imaging Switzerland (no longer a part of the UK company) took its time and didn't sign their deal with Wynit until January, 2007. By that time the supply here had dried up and it took approx two months to refill. Much of the product sold now by the remaining dealers who sell it, sell on special order only, but it is available.

The shutdown of production during the receivership in 2005 cost them most of the labs in North America that printed Ilfochrome. The interruption in supply in 2006 had to hurt some more. Our own Bob Carnie prints Ilfochrome on Lambda, as well as offering optical printing services.

I plan to continue using this stuff for as long as I can get it.