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Adding an antifoggant will not fix the apparent contrast problem AFAIK. It will give you white on gray instead of gray on darker gray.

Benzotriazole probably would be best. I would start at 1 mg/l and you could need to go up to 10 mg/l. I would test the paper after each incremental addition, so at 1 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg etc, and at some point the fog will vanish. Speed will also decrease. With this paper, you may even need to go higher.

Sometimes you are chasing your tail though. You add BTAZ and lose fog and speed so much you have to develop more and that gives fog, and etc....

I have many boxes of 1984 SW Kodabromide 5x7 G3 which behaves like a beautiful G1.5. Incidentally no fog.
I have only found 2 workarounds.
1- Make a dense print, selenium tone heavily and then bleach back.

2- Develop in normal developer till a ghost image appears, brief water rinse, finish in dilute lith developer. A beautiful black can be had - with practice.