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Having never taken the plunge.. I found myself lately considering joining my local camera club.
After reading yesterdays thread "Interesting-off-hand-comment" regarding the lack of community around photographers since the decline in the usage of film.. I have been led to ponder the idea once more..
But is a camera club the answer? Or have they too been taken over by predominately d*g*t*l users?
Or am I simply looking for an answer in all the wrong places?

In my experience only digital users are catered for nowadays, lucky to find two or three members that use film.
I have been a member of two clubs over the past few years and have given both up due to complete lack of interest in film.
The only benefit is that you may get an opportunity to have your work considered for one of the federation shows, if you can handle all the digital flack and smile politely when the looks of amazement arise when you present your b/w hand printed images from film.
Good luck,