I've seen some of what John and George mentioned myself. One of the clubs that I looked into was making the transition to all-digital and everything that was shown had to be digitized - no prints at all. Another, much larger group like to do the invasion/blaze/bolt routine that George mentioned, so it's not isolated to Arizona.

I participate in a group that is based two and half hours from where I live because they are the only ones that had anything to offer me. I have no interest in competitions (almost all clubs are competition based), have no interest in working in crowds of people making time lapse movies (holding down the shutter for minutes on end), and I have no interest in d*g*t*l cameras. I had to search for years to find the small group that I shoot with (no more than 5 or 6 on any given trip) who were not interested in these things.

Don't give up off hand though. I didn't think that I would like participating in a group, but once I found the right bunch of people I found that I really enjoyed it. Try asking around your regional group here on APUG to see if there are any people in your area that may have some experience with local clubs or who might be interested in starting a group with similar interests.

- Randy