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Two vans pulled up and out popped a dozen or so "seniors" (all men) who proceeded to snap away madly with their top-of-the-line digi SLRs all the while bragging that "mine's better 'n yours"....

After 10 minutes they rushed back into their vans and drove off - probably headed for the "early bird special" at a local chain restaurant.
Some times the answer comes from an unexpected source. My wife a water colorist and I were visiting Acadia National Park, an island park off the coast of Maine. We had found a beautiful marsh with mountain behind and decided to go there the next morning to catch the light. She set up her easel and I my 8x10, when suddenly five SUVs and vans arrived. Men and women piled out, set up easels and began to sketch and paint, all politely careful of everyone's view. We learned it was a class from the local water color workshop. We had found a group that worked at the same speed, consideration and enjoyment as we did. There was not a digital camera or a rushed movement to be seen. A month later we were in the mountains of North Carolina and after politely asking permission, we set up between two oil painters beside an interesting cliff. Everyone was enjoying the scene and occasionally we spoke about the light or angle of things. Perhaps it is not the tools but the similar appreciation of the scene that drew us together. No long term relationship evolved, but it gave me some thoughts as to who might be more simpatico.

John Powers