I guess to some extent there were camera club debates in the past such as RF v. SLR and, as already mentioned, Canon v. Nikon etc. But I think the D v. F one is of a different sort.

The fact that we use the term "convert to digital" means we've all been up against that Messianic fervor. That is further spiced up with the attitude that if you prefer film you're an old fart and not "with it".

Who needs that crap? I have a couple of dSLRs and a digi P&S and am quite familiar with the technology. That said, I find I continue to prefer film photography - and that's all there is to "the debate" as far as I'm concerned. So, as you can imagine, I have less than zero interest in any camera club - unless I find one that firmly adheres to the principles that inform this website!