Hello Siles
I operate Portland Photographers Forum in Oregon. Id say we're about 80% analog. Most of the members are large format/black and white photographers. But, we do have a growing numbers in digital. It's mostly the digital printing side verses digital cameras. What PPF does is offer the members to show and discuss their photography and that's what you should look for in a group.
We don't compete or compare equipment. Both, analog and digital photographers are after the same thing... Expressing themselves and how they see their world with their photography. PPF offers lectures by local photographers, print viewing of members and other fun activites.
What I would suggest is that you study what APUG offers and if you don't see clubs or groups that operate much like it then start forming your own. You'll find that many others around you may have the same interests.
Case in point, in Southern Oregon, a new group is forming because many of the local photographers there couldn't or didn't find a organization that fit their beliefs or interests. So they are banding togther.
I'm sure you'll find others like you.