The next volume of the series, New York, was printed in early November. We had it bound in Europe, thinking that would be more efficient and faster. (Never again!) We thought the books would be ready to ship by late January. But they are still not in the USA. They are due to arrive here in about two weeks. Then we have to get them from the port, etc. So, if all goes smoothly, and no hold up from customs, we plan to ship New York around May 21. The reproductions in New York are of the same quality as that in San Francisco and White Sands.

For those interested in our fine books: along with the Brett Weton book will be delivered the next three books in teh Lodima Press Portfolio Book series: books by Arthur Tress, Marilyn Bridges, and Paul Caponigro. We will release these books every other month beginning in May. See for details. We are currently in process of totally revising the Lodima web site. It goes slowly, sloely, but we are getting there. Previous books in the series are by Nick Nixon, Carl Chiarenza, George Tice, Keith Carter, Linda Connor, and Larry Fink.