I can relate to John's recent experience and can speak from personal experience about unexpected health issues. I had back surgery in early December which was successful in restoring the use of one of my legs which I had gradually lost over the course of a year and a half. I responded to John's inquiry about future TMAX400 needs and heard back from him that he still had 50 sheets of 12x20 in stock. I bought it all and exposed 16 sheets last weekend on the Maumee River Crossing bridge being constructed in Toledo, OH. It was my first attempt at field work post-surgery. Some of the negatives are in the wash downstairs now. It re-affirms my love of and commitment to TMAX400 which I have used for 20 years for Pt/Pd printing. I encourage all to support John and JandC as he gets his business restarted in their new location. John has exhibited an admirable level of commitment to the ULF community even during a difficult personal time - no one else has ever been successful in getting Kodak to cut TMY in ULF sizes. I'm looking forward to the next cutting of 12x20 TMY.