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I spoke with Kim Weston recently and he said that he does have the Holland Canal negative but that it has been altered as to make it unprintable. He did not dispute that Brett's negatives had been destroyed.

I knew Cole Weston for nearly 20 years. I saw and handled Brett's negatives (Holland Canal, Ford Tri-Motor, Garrapata Beach etc.) on several occasions at Cole's home and darkroom complex in Garrapata Canyon. It is true Brett altered the negatives he gave to Cole and are now in Kim's care. But they are far from unprintable. Brett punched holes (4) in the corner of each negative. He then signed them on one edge, "No Prints Brett Weston." 95% of the image is clear and very much printable. In fact, Cole liked to joke at worksops he conducted and would show prints he did make from a few of the negatives. Of course, none of these prints ever left Cole's hands.
Cole also told me how he and Brett floated the emulsion off the vast majority of Brett's negatives in 55 gallon barrels of water when Brett discovered they didn't burn very easily.