OK Síle, bearing in mind I've a hangover and pounding headache :o, so this may not make sense.

Since it would be an irish club you are thinking of joining, heres an irish perspective.

All the irish photography clubs are affiliated to the IPF who in turn are affilliated to the FIAP. I started such a club in laois about 4-5 years ago. The percentage of digital snappers in these clubs is huge. Themes and competitions are set in the clubs every few weeks and the speedy turnover makes digital attractive to the masses. I'm the only darkroom user in my club. 2 others use labs, the other 15 people are solely digital now.

There are however still plenty of film users in these clubs, the numbers will obviously vary from club to club. Digital is not new anymore so the encouragement to "go digital" is well past its sell by date.

The question is really for you and what you want out of a club. Is it social interaction with other photographers, is it knowledge you want to aquire or compete, gain awards and distinctions?

Whatever it is, I would recommend you find your nearest club and see for yourself.

And you know while it will take a while to get off the ground, theres an analog club starting right here in apug.org/ireland
See http://www.apug.org/forums/forum237/...nal-group.html for more info.