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This sounds intrigueing! What is this Group print exchange? What are the stipulations?
Come on guys I wanna play too!:o gimme some details!
We split up into groups of no more than 5 or 6 (depending on home many join in, the first exchange was groups of 4) and exchange prints with each other.

I love to collect other photographers fine prints and have several from APUG members hanging in my home.

The exchange was started for APUG members who would like to swap prints with each other. Nothing formal about it and critiques are not required, but many appreciate the feedback.

The rules are, well......... not many.

The final print that you send should be something that you would be proud to have hanging in someone elses house.

Fiber prints are preferred to RC. I believe that most everyone mounted their prints for the last exchange, but that is not required.

I will add you to the list.