Hi everyone

And thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I do believe the majority of experiences here, are as I myself felt.
Not one myself for "Drive by shootings" I think the idea of piling people into a van and stopping...then shooting and piling back in is tantamount to a conveyor belt.. the idea of setting up beside a group of painters a far more appealing option.
All the schools here in town and surrounding areas deal specifically with digital and photoshop classes. The closest film class I can find are in the Gallery of Photography in Temple bar and booked solid for months ahead.
I suppose put simply, what I am looking for is the social interaction and learning experience from meeting with other like minded people. I am also fascinated by the large format cameras I have seen here.. and would love to see those in action. Not something I believe I'll find in an all digital club!
I think my quest continues..
Fintan thank you, I had a look at that forum and will certainly get involved..

Thanks again everyone,