A few days ago we tested the new replacement paper for Azo, Lodima Fine Art. We are very happy to report that, with some slight modification to the Amidol developer, the test prints matched the control print almost exactly.

This paper was briefly tested in February by our assistant (we were traveling) and he told us that the paper was too contrasty and that the speed was too fast. When we tested the paper the other day this is what we found: the speed of the paper is faster than Azo, but it did not seem intolerably fast. The contrast seemed to be just right.

Ron Mowrey, a former Kodak engineer, in a forum on the Internet wrote that when paper "ages" after it is put in the box (and the contrast is reduced) it will continue to "age" and lose contrast. We will be testing this same paper again in a few months and again at the end of the summer. If the paper has not lost any contrast and seems to still be good we will go into production in early fall.

Because of summer humidity, and how humidity affects the process of having sensitive paper made, the paper cannot be made in the summer in any case.

So for now, the news is good news.

Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee