Well, ok I came across this rap by John Elstad in "that" other site...so here goes:

The Large Format Rap

Hiking through the woods with my forty pound pack
I got my Arca, my Schneiders, and my Bogen on my back
Wanna capture the scene and get it all right
But its six more hours till I get the perfect light

So I pull out my Pentax and try to taking a reading
Its the Zone system, baby, that my prints are needing
I measure the highlights, I measure the darks
I measure every spot in these g*d-d*mn parks

And them from behind, some sucka yells, Halt!
Its the park five-oh and with me hes finding fault
Im just hangin out here with the bird the bees

And this upstart sucka thinks Im shooting at trees
Hes says, Drop your gun and do it real slow.
I say, You gotta be kidding. This thing costs a lot of dough.
I try to explain. I say, Its just a meter.
He says, It looks like a shotgun without its Peter.

So I throw down my spot, onto the dirt
And I know my wallet is gonna feel the hurt
I spent 23 hours on photo.net
Before I decided the Zone VI was the best bet
And now Im stuck in these beautiful woods
With all my suddenly useless goods
I Guess Ill have to find a way to enjoy the view
Without seeing it backwards and upside-down too