Hi folks,

Just checking in here, and we're up to 27 people. Now I am at this fork in the road ...

  1. I can break you up into 9 groups of three people - this means you you all have to just send 2 prints - real easy, eh?
  2. I can break you up into 3 groups of five people and 3 groups of four people. Some of you will have send 4 prints, some 3 prints.
  3. I can break you up into groups of 5 people, but I would need 2 volunteers (I would be the third volunteer if you did the math) willing to be on two groups. This means the volunteers would have to send out a whopping 8 prints, everyone else 4 prints.

So I am asking the people - 1 ,2 or 3 ? Pick one. Majority rules.

Thanks, Art.