I developed two rolls of Delta 100 at ISO 100 this morning in Xtol diluted 1:1. My filtered faucet water temp read 75 degrees, and Kodak's data sheet instructed me to develop it for 7 and 1/4 minutes at that temp. Both rolls had somewhat of a lack of true contrast in that there were no deep blacks or bright whites on the negs. Thus, they were somewhat flat.

I then went to Ilford's site and clicked on the PDF for Delta 100. They listed no development time re 75 degree water, but their recommendation at 68 degrees was 7 1/2 minutes, only 1/4 minute more than Kodak's! I now, thus, see the mistake to be Kodak's recommendation of 7 and 1/4 minutes, since a 1/4 minute difference between them and Ilford makes no sense in terms of getting acceptable contrast at the higher temperature.

Does anybody have a workable development time for Delta 100 at 75 degrees?