The prices for the new Lodima Fine Art paper have already been announced and are available to anyone who wants to contact me personally--through a personal email or through the Azo Forum at I have a difficult time getting to "PMs" here. Anyone can look at the Azo prices posted at for 8x10 and 20x24--the sizes that were last available from Kodak. You can calculate prices for other sizes--11x14, 8x20, others, by calculating the price per square inch and multiplying. You will be pretty close, if not exactly correct. I will be posting the prices once we do have final pricing.

The prices will be the same as for what Azo sold for. At least to start and for those who pre-prder. At this point, we will solicit additional pre-orders when we need to send the money for the paper. We already have many pre-orders, for which we are very grateful (without them we could not have gone forward). These, plus additional pre-orders when the paper is ready to be shipped to us, plus the sales of our (mine and Paula's) Azo Portfolio should enable us to get to even.

If, because of the decline of the dollar versus other currencies, we cannot cover the cost of the paper, we may have to raise the price a little, but we sure do not want to do that--and we would only do that if we cannot meet the costs. Should that be the case, we would much prefer to make additional sales, rather than raise the price. Raising the price would be an absolute last resort.