Hi folks,

Ok the following people are still waiting for their Secret Santa to send a print or need to post a message that they got a print for this round.
  1. Dianna*
  2. Gay Larson
  3. Marc Leest*
  4. dschneller*
  5. reellis67*
  6. Anupam Basu*
  7. BWKate
  8. morpheuse*
  9. jeroldharter
  10. Dan Fullerton*
  11. Black Dog*
  12. HowardDvorin*
  13. dylder
  14. DrPablo*
  15. Argus*
  16. jlsmackenzie*
  17. Rlibersky
  18. chrisofwlp*
  19. Shadow Images*
  20. MattKing*
  21. Stan160
The asterisk (*) indicates the Secret Santa has sent their print or will send their print this week, but the recipient hasn't acknowledged receipt yet. So technically, 6 people need to get printing and mailing. It's just a month past the due date, so get printing people!

Thanks, Art.