I check this thread once in a while, which probably makes us the only people who are still interested in the status of this project. It's a little disappointing that this has taken so long and is still far from complete. Everyone seemed so enthusiastic at the beginning, but then interest seemed to wane - probably due to the long waits. Here's what I could figure out from the earlier posts:

"Original" Camera

(...continued from the last status update, first post on page #32)

John Bartley ==>> camera left on Oct 2, 2006 but returned on Oct 25, 2006 (incorrect address?)

Snapper ==>> removed from list due to no responses to emails/PM

Marc Leest ==>> camera arrived on Nov 07, 2006; left on Nov 10, 2006

modafoto ==>> camera arrived on Nov 16, 2006; left on Dec 15, 2006

Rombo ==>> seems to have gone missing from here ***

Graeme Hird
Nicole Boenig-McGrade

I sent a PM to Rombo who is supposed to have the camera and will post his/her response, if any.

Best wishes,