An odd question crossed what's left of my mind -- are we assuming the exchanged print will be the WPPD submission shot -- or could it be different?

I went on a silly trek through miles of northeastern Pennsylvania on Sunday and took a dozen or so shots with the pinhole (as well as others via more conventional gear). Most of the negatives should be easily printable. I haven't quite sorted out where I'm going with them, but based on scans, I see one that appeals to me more as a potential art object while I might prefer some dramatic piece of infrastructure/geographical subject as a WPPD submission to show to the world.

Geeze, maybe I should do some contact sheets or test prints before I strain my brain further.

Getting the first roll onto a stainless reel yesterday morning was the worst such experience I've ever had -- dunno, sometimes stuff happens! Thankfully it came out OK, and the rest went better.

DaveT (decisions, decisions ...)