I did the experiment that I suggested. I mixed a batch of PQ-TEA, 50 g hydroquinone + 1 g phenidone in TEA to make 500 ml. It's handy to have around anyway. So far I have just done snip tests. First, 1 + 50 parts of water, 2 minutes. As you might expect, some darkening. Adding a teaspoon of sodium sulfite to 500 ml of this solution produced, also as you might expect, a dramatic increase in activity. Starting over with the PQ-TEA solution as before, adding 1 gram of sodium ascorbate produced an increase in activity, but not as great as the sulfite, but a teaspoon of sulfite is about 8 grams, or roughly .05 moles. I'm headed back to the darkroom to try the ascorbate again. 1 gram is a little more than 1/200 mole. I am considering the ascorbate as an antioxidant. As such, should I count a molecular weight of it as the same as or different from sodium sulfite?