Thank you for your thoughts, Stan. I scratched my head, hoping to prompt a memory of something that might have gone awry, but I found no answer. I took a nap this afternoon and, upon getting up and again giving the experience a clearer thinking basis, I suddenly remembered I had taken a 1 liter container of pure Xtol out of my refrigerator, poured 8 ounces of it into a graduate, added 8 more ounces of 75 degree water, and immediately poured the mixture into my 16 ounce stainless steel tank containing the two rolls of Delta 100. Aha! I had reduced the 75 degree water temp to the temp of the refrigerated Xtol! Boy, I've never made a silly mistake like that before but, fortunately, I learn from my oversights and mistakes and I'll never err in that fashion again. Happy shooting, processing, and printing, Stan!