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MW is MW Patrick.

How did the sulfite change the pH? That might affect the activity more than the sulfite in and of itself.

Yes, of course, but one molecular weight of ascorbic acid, IIRC, will take up two molecular weights of oxygen while one molecular weight of the sulfite takes up one.

Meanwhile, I added two grams of ascorbic acid as ascorbate to 500 ml of the PQ-TEA. The ascorbate is near neutral in pH. The effect on density was much greater than the effect of the sulfite.

These experiments are not intended to be as quantitative as might be, but to give some idea of relative effects.

I have read what I could find on the subject of superadditivy, starting in my NASA days with an American compilation of Russian compilations of American compilations, and have not seen very much said about the role of sulfite. I do not think the MQ or PQ synergisms can exist without sulfite. I know the MC and PC synergisms do exist without sulfite.

I could and probably should do some comparisons between the individual developing agents. Synergism will be shown when the effect of the sum of two components is greater than the sum of the effects of the individual components. I can include the effect of sulfite. It's times like these when I wish I had assistants I could assign to do the actual work.

I have a feeling it has been done.