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Ok Folks,

This session of the Monthly Shooting Assignment is over and George has advised me that he has picked the next victim to choose a topic for the next session. He will be announcing the "winner" shortly.

Thank you to those who posted in this session and many thanks to George for assuming the burden of choosing the last topic.

Let's look forward to the next one and get out there with those cameras once the topic is posted!!

Okay folks, here's the big announcement.

The winner is......Sparky - for the racehorse shot.

When I came up with the assignment I guess I though it would be fairly easy. But sadly, horses are less and less part of our modern life. On the last day of the contest, unbeknowst to me (or anyone else) beforehand, the famous Claremont Stables in New York City abruptly closed for good. It was the last riding academy and stables in Manhattan. No more horse riding in Central Park on the once famous Bridle Path.

Anyway, I'm gladly passing the MSA baton off to Sparky. I'll go back to being a paricipant in MSA and look forward to the subject he chooses.

Take it away Sparky!