I made my 'filters' the other day. I was not shure how large the lines were to be. My first filter used lines about 2mm wide. I made 3 lines and it was too bright for the 10-3 setting. I tried it on the 10-2 setting and it seemed to be just right.

For the next filter I used 0.5 mm lines. I started with just one line and it was too dark. Then I added a second line and it was just right for the 10-3 setting.

I also replaced the Radio shack flash tube with the new FT-118 replacement. The replacement is not an exact replica. It is a little smaller than the original. I suspect either the Radio Shack tube or the replacement FT-118 will work fine.

Now I am ready to start to do some testing. I am probably just going to test the Wejex and EG&G as I have been unable to get an X-rite on ebay for $25. I guess I need to put out some posts about how they are totally unsuited for panchromatic film so people stop bidding them up