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Sounds excellent!
Is there any size 8x10, 11x14, 4x6 :rolleyes: regulation? Just to be sure, we send 1(one?) print to each member in our respective group (just say "DUH"!)? I already have the print in mind! Oh and will it matter if the print is B&W only? Sorry gals/guys I don't do colour at this time and it may be a while before that happens.
I'm not aware of any size regulation; but it should be big enough to see and small enough to ship.

I do B&W only myself, as do many other participants. Lately my B&W prints have shown a strong tendency to come out blue or brown, but at least they are monochrome - mostly.

I don't mount. I have no mounting press, nor do I intend to buy one. My last entru as mounted, but with archival tape in a window mount. That may happen again, but there's no guarantee.
Besides, unmounted prints are less (not more) likely to be damaged in the mail. The mounting boards are stiffer, but break when bent unlike the photo paper which flexes.