I don't know if anyone here has the slightest interest in tabletop but I spent many years doing product photography and still enjoy playing with multiple light studio setups. I recently ran across most of the disassembled pieces for this table that I used to use and, after a trip to Home Depot to fill in the missing bits, I spent the day restoring it back to working order.

I always found that, even though everybody uses them, standard desk or dining height tables are awful for photography, either too high or too low for most shots. Since I was doing this eight to ten or more hours a day, I decided to purpose build a table expressly for convenience and versatility while shooting with a view camera. This one quickly converts from 21" high for shooting down from a higher angle without having to resort to using a step stool behind the camera to 37" for shooting more straight-on and it even folds up when you need the extra floorspace. It holds the seamless without using extra light stands and has a thick pegboard tabletop for poking up wires and rods to "invisibly" support or suspend product. I used this table every day when I worked as a full-time, in-house corporate teddy bear photographer for a major teddy bear company (yeah, really) and it made my work incalculably easier. Now I look forward to using it for more creative still lifes.

Here are some photos*, hastily taken in advance of and approaching thunderstorm. The camera is there just for scale.

*Please pardon the lousy photos. They were taken with a digigizmo that I got for a present last christmas and haven't touched since. I notice that it has a "record audio" feature. If that had been turned on while I was taking these crapshots, this post would definitely have had to be moderated for the non-stop string of profanity that I was uttering.