Disclaimer: This is all from memory - which has been known to fail on rare occasions. If this is one of them, I apologise.

George Hurrells style was rather unique, and so was his technique. He had a very large studio - or rather: Long.
In this long room he would put several (the prase "up to eight" comes to mind) lights. Some he would put very close to the model, others a loong way off. INto the light path he would put "flags"; tall, narrow rectangles of fabric which he would use to control the quality of the light.

Sounds like hot work.

A quick Google-search turned up this page: http://www.hurrellphotography.com/

The picture on the front page shows Hurrell at work.

As to orthochromatic film, I read somewhere that lipstick was green on the silent movies. This supposedly gave a more pleasing shade to the lips than red, which would go totally black!