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The plant in question, as I noted, was not one purchased from anyone. It was built from scratch.

Film will indeed be made in the US or England.
Dear PE,

As the Reuters article linked at in this thread referred to a Xiamen plant I thought of Fuda. Actually I do not really understand what is going on in the Chinese photographic industry in the sense what plant produces what on whose behalf… Last year I did an extensive search on the net which did not bring up a lot (that new plant even slipped trough the netting). My Lucky folders from the early nineties seem more informative…
You seem to have some insight on this. Any information is welcome.
One press article I found called the aquiring of Fuda, Kodaks entry into local production. (Which could mean take over of lokal products, but could also mean the start of producing original Kodak products locally.)

If this sale should be substantial, what about the other Chinese plants Kodak aquired? And will Lucky become selfsustained again? Or is this just about the Chinese production of film for the western market and the production for the Chinese home market will stay unaffected?