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It doesn't really make sense for Kodak to sell their plant in China and move their facility to the US or UK. Isn't it much cheaper to maintain and hire help for factories outside of developed countries?
China is a nation of 1.3 billion people but much of the industrial base is concentrated in the South-Southeast and there they are facing acute labor shortages. The government has recently announced an initiative that will (they hope) result in the eventual relocation of about 300 million people to expand that labor force and expand the region in which industrial activities are conducted - but one wonders if there's really a need for additional film production facilities.

China can't really be considered an undeveloped country any more and labor costs within the country are rising rapidly.

I believe the EK facilities that PhotoEngineer mentioned in the USA/UK are existing ones. From what I understand EK did move some color film production back to the USA from China in 2005/2006.