Just wondering if anyone has gone to the lengths I have to rig things in their darkroom. My worst so far is my exhaust fan. I cut a 1ft hole in my wall above the sink for it only to find a horizontal beam in the way (doh!). I then patched the hole, and re-cut the hole, and also cut the outside wall hole. Luckily no one goes in the backyard so doesn't see the back of the house where this thing will be (it's a bit of a forrest). I then find the fan is a bit too wide for the wall and is exposed to nature, so rig a rain proof vent to cover it. Nothing some screws and sealant can't handle. Now time to decide how to light proof this thing. I seal the holes around the unit up with can foam and then buy some 6inch aluminum flexible hosing to pass the air out of. I figured aluminum hosing would be light proof if I bend it a few times right? Well, not really, it's some sort of sprayed on plastic stuff and I see 1,000's of pinpricks of light coming through it. Off to the hardware store to buy some plastic sheeting and duct tape. End result is a mass of black tubing protruding from the back of the house going up and down to trap the light, covered in plastic sheeting and duct tape! It works well, but is hideous. I think next time I'll try to buy a real darkroom fan..

Surprisingly my home made sink looks great, just finished it this weekend and the polyeuro coating resembles the shell of a bathtub